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The Investor Relation function at Shalimar Agencies Limited seeks to communicate with existing and potential investors. Company’s business operations and important financial information as given in this column, it facilitates the investor to take informed decisions on their investment options.








Scheme Documents March 2022Click Here

Notice Of Extra Ordinary General MeetingClick Here

Letter of Offer-Shalimar Agencies Ltd (June-2021) Click Here

Investor Compliants_31-03-2021(Q4) Click Here

Investor Compliants_30-06-2020(Q1) Click Here

Financial Results_Q3_(31-12-2020) Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) SAGL- CG - Certificate LODR Reg 15-27_31032021 Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) SAL_Closure of Trading Window Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) SAL_Reg40_10 Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) SAL_Reg74-5 Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) SAL_SHP_31032021 Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) SAL_Website Updation_31032021-Declaration Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) Shalimar-Reg-7(3)-31032021 Click Here

2020-21 (Q4) ShalimarSAR31032021_covering letter Signed Certificate Click Here


2020-21 (Q3) Compliance_74_5 Click Here

2020-21 (Q3) Reg 13_Investor Compliants_31-12-2020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q3) SAGL- CG - Certificate LODR Reg 15-27_31122020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q3) SAL_SAR_31122020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q3) SAL_SHP_31122020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q3) SAL_Website Updation_31122020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q3) SALReg74-5-31122020 Click Here


2020-21 (Q2) Reg 7(3) to SE Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) Reg 13_Investor Compliants_30-09-2020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) Reg 40(9)_Covering Letter to SE REV Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) Reg 76_RSCA_Covering Letter to SE REV Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) Regulation 74(5) to SE Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) SAGL- CG - Certificate LODR Reg 15-27 - 30092020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) Shalimar-I.G-30-09 Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) SHP - revised Click Here

2020-21 (Q2) Unaudited results submitted to SE Click Here


2020-21 (Q1) BM Intimation-UFR Q1 Click Here

2020-21 (Q1) Closure of Trading Window Click Here

2020-21 (Q1) Compliance Certificate Reg24A Click Here

2020-21 (Q1) Reg 74(5) Click Here

2020-21 (Q1) RSCA SHALIMAR Click Here

2020-21 (Q1) SAGL- CG - Certificate LODR Reg 15-27 - 30062020 Click Here

2020-21 (Q1) UFR 30062020 Click Here




REGISTERS & TRANSFER AGENTS: M/s. Aarthi Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Address:1-2-285, Domalguda, Hyderabad,Telangana,500029

Ph No.040 - 27638111 / 27634445

E-mail: info@aarthiconsultants.com



Registered Office Address

Contact information of Compliance Officer

Innov8 Co-working, Sreshta Marvel, 4th Floor, Gachibowli, P Janardhan Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500081

Ph No. 040-9030057374 / 23395139

Surabhi Dayal, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Ph No. 90300 57374

Email address for grievance redressal and other relevant details - shalimaragenciesltd@gmail.com


Company’s philosophy on code of Corporate Governance

As per the SEBI (Listing Obligations And Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 notified on 2nd September, 2015, Report on Corporate Governance is Not Applicable to the Company since the Paid-up Capital of the Company (Rs, 3,00,10,000/-) is less than 10 Crores and the Net worth of the Company is less than 25 Crores as on the last day of previous financial year.

Shalimar Agencies Limited believes in conducting its affairs with the highest level of integrity, with proper authorizations, professionalism, accountability and transparency. The business operations of FGIS are conducted not to benefit any particular interest group but for the benefit of all stakeholders. All matters of strategy, annual budgets, significant developments etc., are routinely placed before the Board. The Audit and Share Transfer and Grievance Committees regularly meet to consider aspects relevant to each committee whereas the Remuneration Committee meets based on need.

Corporate Governance 2020-2021 - Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4
Corporate Governance 2019-2020 - Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4
Corporate Governance 2018-2019 - Q1 - Q2 - Q3
Corporate Governance 2017-2018 - Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4
Corporate Governance 2016-2017 - Q1 - Q2 - Q4
Corporate Governance 2015-2016 - Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4
Corporate Governance 2014-2015 - Q3 - Q4



(a) Code of Conduct - Board - Click Here

(b) Code - Insider trading 2015
- Click Here

(c) Related Party Transactions Policy - Click Here

(d) Whistle Blower Policy - Click Here



1. Kotti Narendra - Managing Director

2. Venkata Rajani Kumar Vemuri - Wholetime Director

3. Mayank Puran Chandra Joshi - Additional Director

4. Ravulapally Arjun Kumar - Wholetime Director

5. Aruna Gamini Yanamandra - Director

6. Siva Prasad Gorthy - Director

7. Surabhi Dayal - Company Secretary



Statutory Auditors:

P C N & Associates.,

Chartered Accountants

Plot No. 12, "N Heights"

Ground Floor, Software Layout Unit

Cyberabad, Hyderabad-500081




I PA - 22.04.2021 Click Here

II DPS 29.04.2021 Click Here

III DLOF 06.05.2021 Click Here


Book Closure Intimation 2019-20 Click Here

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit_Reg 76_RSCA Click Here

SAL_Certificate under Reg 7(3)_ 30052020 Click Here

SAL_Certificate under Reg 74(5) of SEBI (Depository Participants) Regulations 2018 Click Here

Shalimar_Reg 40_31032020_Share Transfers Click Here

Certificate under Regulation 74(5) of the SEBI (Depositories and Participants)Rules Click Here

Reg 13_Investor Compliants_31-12-2019_SignedClick Here

Reg 76_Reconciliation of Share Capital AuditClick Here

Undertaking_Website is functional Click Here

Certificate_Reg_7(2)_Signed - Sept 19 Click Here

Covering letter_74(5)_Signed - Sept 19 Click Here

Covering Letter_Results_30092019 - Sept 19 Click Here

Reg 13_Investor Compliants_30-09-2019_Signed - Sept 19 Click Here

Reg 40_Covering Letter_Final_Signed - Sept 19 Click Here

Reg 76_RSCA_Covering Letter_Signed - Sept 19 Click Here

Undertaking_SEBI Regulations - Sept 19 Click Here

Reg 13_Investor Compliants_30-06-20192 Click Here

Reg 76_RSCA_Covering Letter_30062019_Signed Click Here

Results_30062019_Final Click Here

SAGL- CG - Certificate LODR Reg 15-27 - 30.06.2019Click Here

Shareholding Pattern - June 19 Click Here

MSEI-Covering Letter, Outcome, Financial Results, Declaration- Form-A-SAL-20180331 Click Here


Post Open Offer Advertisement 23.03.2016 - SAL Click Here

Pot Open Offer Report Click Here

1/2016 Extraordinary General Meeting Notice Click Here

Postal Ballot Notice Click Here

Outcome of EGM, Results 31.03.2016 Click Here

Outcome of Postal Ballot & Results 31.03.2016 Click Here

Book Closure, E-Voting + Annual Report- Intimate 20.08.2016 Click Here

Outcome + Voting 4 Reports - 35th AGM - SAGL Click Here